"While Fiona was dancing,  I looked at my husband and saw tears streaming down his face. She is so beautiful and graceful. I just wanted to let you know how much she moved us."   -Fan after St Patrick's Day show in 2016.

California native raised in the Pacific NW, Fiona is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and recording artist. Her catchy rhythms and moving melodies mesmerize, her absorbing lyrics touch the heart and mind.  She is a pleasure to listen to and watch on stage, her poise and grace stemming from over a decade in Irish dance.

Fiona can be emotive like Ed Sheeran, lilting like Dido and bluesy like Hozier.  Some of her many influences include the Beatles, Coldplay and Muse.​

In 2015, Fiona released her first album, No Air by Above the Pines. In 2016, with Still River Road, she opened for Roger Fisher and the Human Tribe at the Grand Opening of  America's Car Museum in Tacoma, WA. Fiona spent most of  2017 on rhythm guitar and vocals with Siahna Im, The Voice's Season 9 contestant. Before heading to UCLA, Fiona recorded her first solo album, due to be released in the near future.  She proudly sings mezzo soprano with Awaken, UCLA's oldest Acapella group, like alumna Sara Bareilles.​ In May 2018, Fiona will perform with Awaken at UCLA's annual Spring Sing event! 

​​Stay tuned for the release of the new CD!

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In 2017, Fiona was accepted to UCLA after being named Student of Distinction in Music and Art for her outstanding performance in academics, music and dance. She was featured in the Peninsula Gateway newspaper, acknowledged for having published a CD of original pop music and developing her own brand as a solo artist, touring seven European countries with Washington Ambassadors of Music, playing 1st chair clarinet in the award winning GHHS Wind Symphony, having a seat on the Band Council, and achieving Preliminary Champion status in competitive Traditional Irish Dance. She was also recognized for her charitable solo performances at the pediatric oncology unit at Madigan Army hospital and at local skilled nursing facilities. Her heartfelt songs bring joy to young and old alike. Fiona was also chosen to receive the Wellesley Book Award and several scholarships for academic merit.

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